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Connect design and engineering, with Interplay

Maximise your design system's impact by aligning everyone around a single source of truth

Built from the ground up for design systems, Interplay syncs with your design system code repository to connect design and engineering and help your team build better products at speed and at scale

Documentation that is always up to date

Design System Manager

Documentation that is always up to date

No more stale documentation that has to be manually kept up to date. Interplay connects directly with your code repository to make it easy to generate and maintain gorgeous documentation for all of your components, tokens, typography and icons. When your code is updated, your docs update too.

Stateful design that integrates with your existing design tools

Design Tool Plugins

Stateful design that integrates with your existing design tools

Forget about keeping design libraries in sync, and trying to simulate properties with a labyrinth of nested symbols. With Interplay’s plugins for Figma (Sketch coming soon) designers can set properties on code components and generate design components on the fly. Your design components stay connected to code so when the code is updated, so does your design.

Composer - Coming soon

Visual prototyping with code components

Interplay Builder takes the best things from existing design tools (like a fluid canvas and instant sharing) and blends them with the best things from code components (like states, properties, data and layout) to make it faster and easier than ever to design rich, interactive prototypes in the browser that can be shared instantly with a link.

Visual prototyping with code components
Framework agnostic

Framework agnostic

Frameworks come and go but Interplay is built to work with all of them. We currently support React and Vue, with support for Ember on the way. And we will soon be open sourcing our library so that you can build adaptors for any framework.

  • Just had a demo of @interplayapp, creating an in-browser prototype with *real* React components from our style guide – I've seen the future 😵👏

    Mark Dalgleish

  • I’ve seen the future of design. Thanks for the demo @interplayapp – very impressive!

    Vedran Arnautović


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