Introducing Interplay AI to create and maintain your design system documentation ⟶
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Introducing Interplay AI for Design Systems
Michael FitzgeraldCo-founder of Interplay
6th June 2023
Bring your design system to life faster by using AI to generate and maintain your documentation site
Today, we are excited to announce the beta release of Interplay AI, the design system assistant, now available on all our paid workspaces 🎉At Interplay, we are committed to streamlining design system operations. With the introduction of our Design System Documentation, we bridged the gap between design and code by maintaining all design system assets in a single source of truth.Today, we are taking another step in that direction by introducing Interplay AI in public beta, which is available to all Pro accounts. With Interplay AI, we bring the power of artificial intelligence right into your design system workflows, while keeping you in complete control.Our mission is to seamlessly connect design and engineering workflows, and Interplay AI will help us bring that one step closer. Not only is your design system continuously connected to your design and code assets, but anyone can now create documentation and code examples assisted by the power of AI, always staying within the rules of the design system!What's possible with Interplay AI right now?
  • Component Examples from Text — simplify the process of creating component examples by translating text descriptions into working code examples. It saves time, minimizes errors, and keeps the focus on ideation, not implementation.
  • AI Templates — automate the creation of complete component pages, increasing productivity and consistency. This allows you to quickly draft extensive parts of your design system documentation, ensuring every component is comprehensively documented.
  • Consistent tone of voice — consistent tone in your products is important, and your design system documentation is no different. Interplay AI helps ensure your content is not just informative but also engaging and aligned with your brand voice, fostering a better user experience.
  • AI-powered docs maintenance — with automated updates suggested as your code changes, you stay in control but no longer have to worry about discrepancies between your codebase and documentation. This feature ensures your docs are always up-to-date, saving you time and reducing potential confusion for your team.
Interplay AI is available now on all Pro and Enterprise plans.Sign up today to try it out.
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